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WooCommerce PAYCOMET Module

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Download Link

The module can be downloaded from the following link: WooCommerce

Module Configuration

Banco Sabadell control Panel


Below the PAYCOMET Plugin configuration is explained for Woocommerce

When we install the plugin in Woocommerce, the following information is shown.

In the WooCommerce Settings section, clicking on the PAYMENTS tab, we will select the Manage option of PAYCOMET option to access the configuration of the options.

The configuration parameters are as follows:

Firstly, the client code must be entered, provided in the product configuration in the Banco Sabadell control Panel. This field is:

  • Client code
  • Integration with: You could choose between Iframe or full screen and Jet Iframe.
  • API KEY: You must use the Api Key generated in the control panel. If you dont fill this field, the API REST integration will not be used.

For each terminal that the user has in the corresponding currency, the following will be defined:

  • Terminal Number: Appears in the Banco Sabadell control Panel
  • Password: Appears in the Banco Sabadell control Panel.
  • JET ID: Appears in the Banco Sabadell control Panel. Its mandatory just in case of choosing the JetIframe integration.
  • Terminals available: Secure, Non-Secure, Both. The client must indicate what type of Terminal they have contracted. If one is Secure and the other Non-Secure the Both option can be selected, so that the first client purchase is Secure and the rest Non-Secure.
  • Use 3D Secure: [Yes/NO]. If there is a Secure terminal it will always be YES. If there is a Non-Secure terminal it will always be NO. If Terminals are configured with “Both” and payments with tokenised cards are active, Non-Secure. For new cards, 3D Secure.
  • Currency: Terminal Currency. The default currency of the store. The currency associated with the terminal contracted in the bank must be indicated.
  • Activate 3D Secure in payments of over: This option will be shown when “Both” has been selected in Terminals and “NO” has been selected in Use 3D Secure. If activated, payments that exceed the indicated amount will be Secure.

Up to 3 terminals can be defined, each one associated with a different currency.

To add a new terminal, simply click the button and a new terminal line will be shown for adding the new terminal information.

Two terminals with the same Terminal Number cannot be created.

Two terminals with the same Currency cannot be created.

If it is desired to remove a configured terminal, we will click the button. It will then be necessary to click Save Changes so that the changes are applied.

If more than one terminal is available and configured, payments will be made by the terminal associated with the order currency.

If only one Terminal is available and it is desired to operate with different Currencies this is also possible. You must contact PAYCOMET to enable the Multicurrency option on the terminal. In this case, the module sends the total amount of the operation to the Bank in the currency of the order and the Bank will make the conversion into the Terminal currency.

Configuration options:

  • Disable Card Storage: If you want card storage to be disabled. This will remove the "Save Card" option when making a payment with a new card and also will remove "My Cards" section in "My Account" tab.
  • Payment in: Allows you to choose where the checkout will be displayed. "Iframe" will display it on the same page of the merchants website, without a redirect. "Paycomet (Fullscreen)" redirects on a new full-size screen external to the merchants website.
  • Iframe Height (px): If "Payment in: iframe" has been chosen, this option will be shown, which allows adjusting the height of the checkout window.

Place Order

When making an order in the WooCommerce store, “(PAYCOMET) credit/debit card” will be shown as a payment option.

  • Jet Iframe payment

If you have chosen the Jet Iframe integration, the customer could skip one step in the payment process, because the Jet Iframe will appear in the payment screen if the credit card option is selected as shown below:

  • Iframe payment

If it is the first time that you are purchasing it will have the following appearance

After clicking Make Order:

“Save Card”. Serves to save the token for future purchases. If we select this option, the next time that we go to pay in the store, the saved card will appear in Pay with Card.


By clicking Pay, this information will be verified and if it is correct the payment will be made and the order will be finalised.

If it is desired to pay with another card we will select NEW CARD so that the information to enter for the new card is shown.

  • Subscriptions

The Module supports the payment of Subscriptions through the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.

It will process orders and the recurring payments for subscriptions.

Full or Partial Refunds

From the Order details in the Backoffice Full or Partial refunds can be made for orders made with this Module.

Full or Partial Refund:

In the Order details, when it has been made through PAYCOMET the information indicated above will be shown. The amount to refund must be indicated in the Refund Amount field, clicking the “Refund XXX” button through PAYCOMET the refund of the indicated amount will be made.

If everything is correct, a Note will be created in the order with the result of the refund option on PAYCOMET.

We will be able to carry out another Partial Refund of any amount or a Total for the Outstanding amount.

Thus, until the amount refunded is equal to the amount paid.

From the Banco Sabadell panel, a Full or Partial refund can be made at any time.

User Area

From the Order details in the Backoffice Full or Partial refunds can be made for orders made with this Module.

In the WooCommerce User Area, in MY ACCOUNT a new “My Cards” section will appear. In this area we can See/Create/Remove Tokenised cards

My Cards

  • Save: Serves to save a description associated with the card. (e.g. Personal Card).
  • Remove: Clicking this option will remove the tokenised card.
  • Link Card. New cards can be linked. Clicking this option will show the fields for entering the information for a new card.

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